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ALC Wireless Power Switch, Refurbished
ALC Wireless Power Switch, Refurbished

ALC Wireless Power Switch, Refurbished

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The Power Switch Accessory Plug makes it simple to control your lamps, fans, radio or television from your Apple iOS or Android devices. Plug items in to the Power Switch Plug, and control plugged-in items from the palm of your hand.

Remotely Control Your Home

Remotely turn on or off lights or small appliances plugged in to the Power Switch Plug through the free ALC Connect App to iOS and Android smart devices.

Programmable Schedules

Program On/Off schedules from smartphone or tablet to give the appearance of someone home even when away for the day, night or on a vacation.

Instantly Effective Sights and Sounds

Turn on light or sound when an intruder enters your home and make the Power Switch Plug an essential part of your integrated, expandable security system.

Total Compatibility

Works with ALC Connect Wireless System Kits. Purchase additional Power Switches that integrate seamlessly into the system. Up to (36) accessory modules and up to (4) SightHD Wi-Fi cameras can be combined for system expansion.
This unit has been inspected with our Premium Recertified standards. That means it has passed stringent testing to ensure all components are in great working condition, undergone a detailed cosmetic renewal process and then been placed in the safest packaging possible to ensure it arrives at your door ready to rock.