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ALC AHSS51 Indoor Siren

ALC AHSS51 Indoor Siren

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Scare off an intruder with this extremely loud 105db audio alarm and flashing Red LED light. The Indoor Siren works with other parts of the system and the Control Hub to trigger when there is a breach to a window, door or motion detector while system is armed.

Easy Installation

Included mounting bracket for easy placement

Wireless Connectivity

Indoor Siren receives wireless signals from the Control Hub to sound its 105db Siren and flash the Red LED light when system is Armed and breached.

System Expansion

Connect Plus Security Systems can integrate up to (36) additional accessory devices and up to (4) ALC security cameras.
This unit has been inspected with our Premium Recertified standards. That means it has passed stringent testing to ensure all components are in great working condition, undergone a detailed cosmetic renewal process and then been placed in the safest packaging possible to ensure it arrives at your door ready to rock.