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Level Black Lightning to USB Cable 3FT

Level Black Lightning to USB Cable 3FT

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You can never have too many charging cables for your Apple devices. The problem is lightning cable replacements cost a pretty penny, and it's hard to a high quality 3rd party cable at the right price.
Luckily for you, you've found the answer! This USB to Lightning Cable is MFI (Made for Apple) Certified, so you can feel confident it won't cause issues for your beloved Apple device. It also includes a thick cable wrap that helps the cable stand up to wear and tear better than the average lightning cable.
Our favorite feature, though, is the color. It changes with temperature! When cooled, it has an amber/orange color, but when warmer or under direct sunlight, it changes color to an eye-catching red.

We're offering free shipping on this cable, so feel free to grab as many as you need.

Compatible with all Apple product with a lightning charging port, including:
iPad 3 to current iPad generation
iPhone 5 to current iPhone generation