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Apple iPad Mini 2 7.9" Tablet, Space Gray/Black, Blemished

Apple iPad Mini 2 7.9" Tablet, Space Gray/Black, Blemished

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There's refurbished, then there's Premium Recertified. This iPad has passed stringent testing by Apple Certified Technicians to ensure all components are in great working condition and has been updated to iOS 13. This iPad has also undergone a detailed cosmetic renewal process then been placed in the safest packaging possible to ensure your iPad arrives at your door ready to rock—Apple style.

This iPad is in a blemished condition, or B-Grade. It’s no different on the inside from our retail-ready conditions, meaning it still runs just as well and has passed the same intensive testing, but it has just a tad more wear. The benefit for you means it has an even greater discount! This iPad may have minor to major scratches, minor to major dents, and other blemishes. This iPad may include a protective skin to improve look and further protect the iPad from additional wear.

Below is a list of all important specifications on this iPad:
7.9 Inch Screen w/ 2048x1536 Resolution
Dual Core Apple A7 CPU at 1.3 GHz
16GB Flash Storage
Manufactured 2013
iOS 13