Back to School Guide 2023!

Back to School Guide 2023!

It's Time to go Back to School

It’s that time of year when all of the kids (and teachers) are going back to school! Whether you have a first grader or a college student we have great deals for you! We even through in some love for our beloved teachers!



This one is especially important for those college students without cars! E-scooters, e-bikes, and hoverboards are a great way to get to class, around town, or to your job! 


E-Bikes - E-bikes are a great option for those wanting to travel longer distances. By adding a basket attachment to your e-bike, you earn yourself some extra space and an easier way to tote around extra stuff!

E-Scooters - E-Scooters are great for those wanting a cheaper option of transportation but one similar to an e-bike. Easily ride around campus and to class and when it’s all over you can fold the e-scooter in half and store it in your dorm room!

Hoverboard - If you are looking to travel short distances but need or want a little extra help, hoverboards are the one for you! Did we mention they are also super fun 😉


Study Time

Everyone has their own needs when it comes to studying. Whether that be studying in total silence or listening to music at full blast, there is no right or wrong answer! There is something out there to help everyone!


Noise Canceling Headphones - These noise canceling headphones are perfect if you or your child needs extra help in tuning out distractions!

Bluetooth Speaker - A small bluetooth speaker is perfect for listening to study music or amplifying any videos you have to watch for school or for studying!

iPad Mini - This mini iPad is the perfect study tool! Take more efficient notes, keep all of your files / notes in one place, and easily take everything with you on the go! It even has a cellular feature if you need it for traveling so you are never left without your important documents!


Random Must-Haves

There are some things in life you need whether you are a student, teacher, or neither! 


Wireless Charger - What good is your phone if it’s dead! There is even an option for charging two phones or a phone and wireless headphones all at the same time! 

Water Bottle - The days of being dehydrated or waiting in line at the drinking fountain are over! Send your child to school with their favorite college team right on their water bottle! (or as a funny prank get them their least favorite college team smack dab in the middle)

For The Teachers

Not just students have to go back to school! If you are a teacher yourself or you want to help out your child's teacher, we have some awesome product recommendations all at great prices!


Beverage Fridge - Teachers can use this to store their lunch, snacks and water for the classroom or anything else that might need to stay chilled like a fun science experiment! For even more uses, keep it unplugged and store extra assignments! 😉

Ice Maker - Give back to your teacher by gifting them a beloved and highly sought after pebble ice maker! Trust us when we say they will be thanking you every time they have a sip of their favorite drink!

iPad Mini - iPad’s aren’t just for students! Stay organized and take your teaching material on the go with an iPad Mini with cellular!! 

Wireless Charger - Teachers need charged phones too!

Regardless of who is going back to school (or not), Warehouse B has the best refurbished products and prices on the market! We hope that all of the teachers and students that are going back to school this fall have an awesome and successful year!

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