Ender - Head of Security

Meet the Head of Security, Ender! He is overpaid exclusively with scritches from employees, is a big fan of cuddles and a huge enemy of noise-making machines.

Leo - Public Relations Speaker

Leo likes to start every morning with repeated attempts at piercing your ear drums by channeling his inner husky as soon as he steps foot into the office.

Rory - Accountant in Training

When he's not crunching numbers, Rory is often being mistaken for a stuffed animal, staring at you through the glass office doors, or playing with a rock.

Anna - The Closer

Anna is often invited to business meetings and sales calls to help our sales team close on important deals. Not only will Anna win your heart, but also your business. 

Honorable Mentions

Abby - Descendant of Royalty

Abby is a direct descendant of Lassie making her the only royal in the office. When she's not polishing her crown, you can find her sitting on the nearest AC vent or right in the middle of all the action. 

George - Mama’s Boy

George is just a silly little guy that has the best thousand-yard stare on this side of the Mississippi. If George ever goes missing you can find him right next to his mom! 

Millie - Side Eye Specialist

Millie is just a girl with soft hair and a mean side eye. She may be shy but she will look at you like you committed a crime right in front of her.

Shrimply - Former Crime Boss

Shrimply once led a life of crime, but after losing an eye, she was inspired to start anew. She now enjoys basking in sunlight, running nightly zoomies, and checking out the @warehousebdeals Instagram.