About Us

Imagine an isolated warehouse. High security, higher ceilings, packed to the brim with tech. You happened to meet an employee at a coffee shop. She noticed your broken down laptop and said to meet you here for a deal.

A bit nervously, you enter through an unmarked back door and are shocked. A huge, clean room with careful stacks of gleaming tech. The employee is there, smiling, knowledgeable. You've never seen deals this good. You're definitely telling your mom!


That's how we like to imagine ourselves. Perhaps a bit anonymous, but with great product at unbeatable prices. We're sick of selling to the middle man with their marked up prices. We prefer to sell straight to the community. We hope you love it! Come see for yourself!

birds eye view of warehouse


Below are some FAQs:

Most of your product is refurbished. What does that mean?

There's refurbished, then there's refurbished. We call our product "Premium Recertified" to help point out the difference. To summarize it quickly, we split our process into three separate parts:

Technical Refurbishing - Every unit goes through intensive, detailed testing by certified technicians to ensure the entire unit and all its components are in tip top shape and updated to the highest stable operating system. Though every step in our process is important, this is where we put the most focus and time.

Cosmetic Restoration - We want you to have as close to a new experience as possible in everything but the price. We've put a significant amount of time and resources researching ways to safely deep clean every unit. This is a key separator between us and other refurbishers. Few can restore to a standard as high as ours while ensuring no liquid whatsoever enters the unit. 

Safe Packaging - The best refurbishing in the world is meaningless if it shows up at your door damaged. We've researched to find the safest packaging possible to ensure no damage while in transit, thwarting even the most careless of carriers.

Why should I buy "Premium Recertified"?

Price - Obvious but bears repeating. We have offerings for every budget and person. Buying a simple tablet/ipad for your kid? We've got it at a third of the price of new. Need something higher end for you? We've got that too, and you'll save hundreds while getting comparable specs.

Quality - There's no reason to risk quality while saving money, and we back that up with a 90-day warranty on everything we sale. 

Sustainability - Join us in our mission to reduce perfectly good tech from being thrown in a landfill.