Most of your product is refurbished. What does that mean?

All our refurbished, Certified Preloved®, or Factory Refurbished units come from our parent company iRecertify. Read more about that connection in our About Us.

To summarize the refurbishing process quickly, it's split into three separate parts:

Technical Refurbishing - Every unit goes through intensive, detailed testing by certified technicians to ensure the entire unit and all its components are in tip top shape and updated to the highest stable operating system. Though every step in our process is important, this is where we put the most focus and time.

Cosmetic Restoration - We want you to have as close to a new experience as possible in everything but the price. We've put a significant amount of time and resources researching ways to safely deep clean every unit. This is a key separator between us and other refurbishers. Few can restore to a standard as high as ours while ensuring no liquid whatsoever enters the unit. 

Safe Packaging - The best refurbishing in the world is meaningless if it shows up at your door damaged. We've researched to find the safest packaging possible to ensure there is no damage while in transit, thwarting even the most careless of carriers.

Rock Solid Warranty - Our products have a lower return rate than new. We know this because the manufacturers utilize iRecertify's help to fix that problem. Few manufacturers can afford to QC every single unit. We do. Even then, we make it our top priority to have your back. We want every (rare) customer service experience to be pleasant. We gain nothing by being stingy. Evert product comes with a 90-day warranty that is extendable up to 1 year. FOR FREE!


I haven't heard of Warehouse B before. How can I trust you?

eCommerce has come a long way. You you more protected than ever buying online, especially if you use a credit card. That said, we take your trust very seriously, more than most. We have to! It's not just our reputation on the line. It's our parent company, iRecertify, and the manufacturers they're contracted with. We only lose if you have a bad experience. Here's a few key points as to why you're even more protected buying from Warehouse B then anywhere else:

  • Serious Fraud Protection. Once someone finds out about us they love our deals and keep coming back for me. Including fraudsters! We have numerous layers of fraud protection. Including some that can be annoying to real customers. If you've tried shipping your order to a different address than your billing address, we'll most likely cancel the order. Can be annoying we know, but we think it's worth the potential lost sale to combat the fraudsters. We won't even charge your card (authorize only) until every single transaction has been manually reviewed by our fraud team, relying on sophisticated tools and gut instinct to spot anything fishy.
  • Trusted Card Processing plus honesty. Many marketplaces are weirdly tight lipped on how they get your money. We've never understood why. Currently, our site is built on Shopify. Cards are authorized then charged after passing fraud inspection by Authorize.net. Then our merchant account, Stax Payments, collects the funds. All three of those companies have vetted us to a high degree and are very helpful in providing us tools to protect you from fraud. 
  • Reputation. Warehouse B is trying to become the best place to find deals on returned goods. We can't do that without an army of happy customers and happy manufacturers. We truly feel special that every sale we make is a win for everyone. It's a win for you, because you got a price and experience "New" can never match. It's a win for the manufacturer, because they just saved some money and avoided a product being thrown in the landfill. The environment wins a bit too! 

How fast will I get my product?

We ship on Amazon, eBay, and many other markets with pretty strict shipping requirements. We follow that same process with WarehouseB.com. In fact, we have extra motivation to try and ship everything even faster for our own customers! Our fulfillment team is excellent. 

We usually ship within 2 business days at the latest. Most lighter/smaller items are shipped via Fedex Express, so 2-3 days after that. The under 1lb items are shipped via USPS. Everything else is shipped via Fedex Ground, which usually shows up within 5 business days, often faster. You'll get a tracking number when it ships. 

This is an area we actually punch way above our weight. Most who buy from "boutique" sellers expect pretty poor communication, shipping times, etc. Which makes sense, these are usually much smaller businesses. We ship out truckloads to our wholesale customers, and hundreds to thousands of parcels a day. We're not new to this :) 

How will my order arrive?

Our focus is on passing savings to our customers rather than a pretty box you'll instantly throw away (or hopefully recycle.) We build our boxes in-house with an awesome custom packaging machine. We even reuse some of the original packaging (like inserts) to pass on savings as well as reduce wastage. Any packaging we produce is recyclable. So yeah, the box is kinda ugly and honestly we love it that way.

Now the product is where it counts. You will receive all of the kit-items you would normally get when buying new. You'll have a manual if available, a QR code linking you to an online version, AND you'll get your awesome product. All products are fully tested to be functional so you know it's ready to rock. If for some reason it's not, we'll quickly make it right.


What's the difference between your "conditions?"

Certified Preloved® products have been "loved" by someone else first. Sometimes that love is shown with a little wear and tear. Our listings are separated into three different conditions:

  • New
    • Products are in brand new condition from the factory. These will still be covered under the manufacturers warranty (if applicable) and may come in the original packaging or bulk style packaging.  
  • Factory Refurbished
    • Products in the "Factory Refurbished" condition have been refurbished by the manufacturer's contracted refurbisher to the Certified Preloved® refurbishing standard. They are in the best possible condition for their age with very minor or no cosmetic blemishes at all.
    • Every technical component of "Factory Refurbished" items have been checked and tested by certified technicians and are guaranteed to be in full working order.
  • Refurbished
    • Products in the "Refurbished" condition have passed the exact same tests as all the "Factory Refurbished" items and are in the same cosmetic condition. We just aren't contracted through the manufacturer to refurbish these (yet).
  • B-Grade
    • Products in the "B-Grade" condition have also gone through the same refurbishing process by the same technicians, they just have a tad more wear. The bonus to you is an even greater deal than our Refurbished or Factory Refurbished prices.

Every refurbished item we sell, regardless of condition, comes with a 90-day warranty that you can upgrade for free to a 1-year warranty by registering your product with Certified Preloved®.


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