About Us

Imagine an isolated warehouse. High security, higher ceilings, packed to the brim with tech. You happened to meet an employee at a coffee shop. She noticed your broken down laptop and said to meet you here for a deal.

A bit nervously, you enter through an unmarked back door and are shocked. A huge, clean room with careful stacks of gleaming tech. The employee is there, smiling, knowledgeable. You've never seen deals this good. You're definitely telling your mom!


That's how we like to imagine ourselves. Perhaps a bit anonymous, but with great product at unbeatable prices. We're sick of selling to the middle man with their marked up prices. We prefer to sell straight to the community. We hope you love it! Come see for yourself!

birds eye view of warehouse

Why WarehouseB?

It’s good for the environment!

We give a second life to consumer electronics that would otherwise end up in a landfill, giving everyone the opportunity to limit their ecological footprint!

Your products are better than new!

Every product has been expertly tested, repaired, and cleaned by our certified technicians. Have peace of mind knowing your product was individually checked out and has met our (very high) standards!

The best price you will see!

With the nature of our business, we are able to give our customers the LOWEST price possible on the latest and coolest technology!

What is Certified Preloved®?

An elevated refurbishing standard

Reserved only for the highest quality refurbished products. Authorized distributors of Certified Preloved® meet stringent requirements in their refurbishing and recycling processes to ensure quality in their products and environmental responsibility in their actions.

Warehouse B is an authorized distributor of Certified Preloved® and is committed to helping support a greener earth while giving the best deals to consumers along the way.

Expert certified technicians

Run stringent tests on all components of every product to ensure they are in great working order. No product is officially Certified Preloved® without passing the detailed testing procedures that make up the Certified Preloved® standard.

Simple grading systems

Products are separated into two different categories; Certified Preloved® or B-Grade.

The "Certified Preloved®" grade indicates the product's cosmetic condition has been completely restored and will only include very minor blemishes or scratches if any at all. These products have passed all Certified Preloved® tests and are guaranteed to be in perfect working order.

Items within the "B-Grade" category have been restored to the best condition physically possible, but will have some kind of cosmetic blemish. All components have passed the exact same tests as any other Certified Preloved® product and are guaranteed to function the exact same. The big difference here is the price, you will see discounts on all "B-Grade" items compared to their Certified Preloved® counterparts. Take pride in buying an item with a blemish and enjoy the deal you get doing so! These items are typically less wanted and harder to save from ending up in a landfill. They truly are Certified Preloved®!