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WarehouseB Click-ity Clack Open Box Returns Mystery Box

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Mystery Box

The Click-ity Clack bundle is a mystery box of OPEN BOX RETURNS. This is different from our regular refurbished product line, but we want to give our customers the chance to get in on the fun of returns. They are in the exact condition they were when returned to us. By purchasing this you will be taking a chance on the product, but get an amazing deal on it if all goes well.

We can't provide a warranty on these items and they are sold AS-IS, but if you end up getting terribly unlucky email us and we will make it right.

You never know what you might get, but here are some possible examples:

  • A keyboard capable of typing for you WITHOUT the use of AI.
  • A personal DJ that fits in your pocket.
  • A microphone capable of picking up a conversation being had on the moon.
  • A retro action camera that is shipped via satellite.

Okay fine those are jokes, but they are hinting at what’s actually in the box… Only one way to find out for sure, order one and put an end to your curiosity!

Warranty Term: AS-IS (no warranty)

Included in the box:

  • 4 mysterious items that have MSRPs which add up to $210.00!
  • 2 priceless gifts from the Warehouse Bark team!

*** All the items in this mystery box are open box returns and are not guaranteed to work.

*** Every “Click-ity Clack Bundle” mystery box will have the same items in it. If you are looking for variety keep checking back as we are always changing it up with new boxes!

Customer Reviews

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anthony york
What not to like about Mystery Box?

It is like giving yourself a surprise gift, like a tie, a sweater, fruit cake or whatchamacallit and you get four of those. Love the keyboard that makes my life more colorful. I am not sure about the 3 other items right now, my challenge is to find the right home for them. Thank you.

Aaron Leach
Got some neat things

Got some computer accessories and a go-pro like camera. Everything seems like it'll work well. Definitely a great value. Excited for the next box. Hopefully I catch it before it sells out.