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WarehouseB Open Box Return Mystery Box with the chance to win a PS5!

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Mystery Box

One lucky order for this mystery box will receive a refurbished PlayStation 5 valued at $449 instead of the mystery box. We only have 300 of these mystery boxes available. This mystery box will be available for purchase from now until 12.31.23 or until they are sold out. We will ship all orders after 12.31.23 or the day after the box sells out to insure everyone has an equal chance of receiving the PS5. All order numbers will be imported to a random generator and the winner will be chosen accordingly.

This mystery box bundle contains OPEN BOX RETURNS. The products you will receive are not guaranteed to work. These are priced appropriately with an average discount of 85%! This differs from our regular refurbished product line, but we want to give our customers the chance to get in on the fun of returns. 

Items in this bundle are in the exact condition as when they were returned to us. They may or may not be functional and can have cosmetic defects such as dents or scratches. They can also be in new unopened condition. By purchasing this you will be taking a chance on the product, but get an amazing deal on it.

We can't provide a warranty on these items and they are sold AS-IS, but if you end up getting unlucky email us and we will make it right.

Warranty Term: AS-IS (no warranty)

Included in the box:

  • a varying amount of items that have MSRPs which add up to somewhere between $250 and $350 (or a PS5!)
  • 2 priceless gifts from the Warehouse Bark team!

*** All the items in this mystery box are open box returns and are not guaranteed to work. (except the PS5, it works perfectly)

*** Every mystery box bundle will have different items in it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chris Hartman
PS5 Mystery Box

I got five mini air pumps that all work, a lighted mirror, two apple charging cables, and a large drone. Drone is cool but hard to fly. Not sure what to make of all this JUNK, I will probably buy another next Christmas.

Kevin Jakopovic
It was ok

It was decent. I did receive 3 items in the mystery box, but 2 of them were the same item. I get it. Its all chance anyway and a way to clean out inventory. I'll gift them or something as I don't need a bunch of cameras. I knew early on that I wasn't being shipped a PS5 as the weight of the package was 2 pounds and a PS5 is about 5. I'll second guess whether I try another mystery box at another time..

Cameron Summers
Mystery Box Joke

Bought a mystery box with chance for PS5. Really didn't think I would win a PS5, however the 3/4 of the stuff in the box was broken to the point it did not even function; USB Card reader with broken connector,5 terrible non-functioning kiddie Walkie Talkies none of which worked after putting batteries in them and nothing; Mini air pump that only the light would come on but no air pump function; Non-functioning video camera. The only items that might work was a purple Walmart rubber basketball and a light up solar candle surrounded in a plastic globe. With almost all broken stuff, this hardly has a $10 value. I expected atleast functioning stuff that would atleast be fair. I had ordered items from Warehouse B before and pleased, but this is not what I expected.

Isrrael Ramirez
Poor value

I received 4 old cameras with no value for this day and age, and a mini speaker.
Not the greasiest luck, but thank you.

Now very Mysterious

I got 4 cameras, 1 was just an empty box. 1 was physically broken didn't work. 1 turns on only to the company logo and then turns off, doesn't work. The last one turns on but doesn't read sd cards and can't be used without an sd card. I got unlucky, But it was nice waiting for the box during the holidays and hoping it was a ps5.